Monday, October 24, 2011

Is Anyone Else Just Really TIRED?

Cuz I am.

I am tired.  Three little words but man, they are important.  It is time to face it.  I need a nap.  I need the kind of nap that happens on a beach.  This beach would be gorgeous---we're talking beyond Boracay gorgeous.  There would be waves in the distant background.  My family would be there, but they would all be happy doing their own thing---not needing me, yet content knowing I was there.  I would get a tan, I would read, and I would sleep.  My mind would wander.  I would think about everything and nothing.  I would not think about the time, or the days, or the plans, or the goals, or the regrets, or any of the should-a, would-a, could-a type things.  I would....wait for it...RELAX.

Yesterday, I was so tired that I actually fell down!  What grown woman falls down?  I mean seriously.  There wasn't even a curb or obvious obstacle to take the blame---just concrete.  I tripped, I fell, landed on my hands and knees.  Humbling.  Humiliating.  Hard concrete. Looking down at the pavement, I again said to myself:  I need a nap.

There is so much going on in all our lives and mine is so exception.  I live a very blessed life and I count myself as the luckiest wife and mother out there.  I love teaching, I love living in China, and I love a lot of things about my life.  I especially adore my family, but life is just plain busy and I keep saying I'm going to simplify. What a beautiful word, right?

Simplify.  Nap.  RELAX.  Three beautiful words.

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I wish those of you who read my blog would comment. Who are you?  I want to know!  I keep watching my site meter go up, up, and UP, yet I have no idea who my readers are.  Please...Say hi:)

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