Monday, March 2, 2015

Adventures in Australia

I love traveling---it has definitely become a passion.  I love planning our trips---researching where to go, getting input from friends around the world, and then putting our own little spin on the adventure.  My life is pretty simple in many ways---I just want to have fun with my family!  Australia made it very easy to do just that.  
We didn't do the Reef, we didn't do Sydney, we didn't do a lot of the "must do" things.  What we did was perfect for us, and I highly recommend our itinerary! 
We flew into Brisbane and rented a car.  Yikes! That is an adventure!  We stayed right in the Gold Coast area, a one-minute walk from the beach.  There were lots of great restaurants, including the Hard Rock cafe, which we very much enjoyed. There were also lots of breakfast options, but I'm not gonna lie---we ate McMuffins and Hasbrowns from McDonald's almost every morning. 

Our favorite activities included going to Curumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.  Yes, we held koalas and yes, they are as cute as you think they are.  We also saw kangaroos and lots of other wildlife. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and did a surfing lesson at Curumbin beach and that was most definitely one of our highlights.  We even came back for a second lesson. We went with Surf Easy and it was great.  We had an excellent teacher and fabulous waves!

We also took a drive to Cabarita Beach and had a lovely dinner with friends, who are from that area. They were able to show us around and take us on on of their favorite walks.  On the way back, we visited Target, a fun highlight I must admit.We drove to an outlet mall, saw a movie on Christmas day, and had a great time exploring the beach and surrounding areas. 
We were there six nights, and yes, we could have stayed longer, but we loved every minute of it.  For what we wanted to accomplish---surf, hold a koala, see kangaroos, meet up with friends, see a new part of the world, and relax----it could not have been better!

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