Where's My Spring Fever?

Somewhere in my mind, I have images of spring being so full of joy, almost magical!

Spring Fever comes to mind, when the sun comes out after having been hidden for awhile, we feel the warmth, and even get a little tan. Around this time of year, I often get nostalgic for high school summers when I'd spray "sun in" in my hair and lay out in the backyard, soaked in baby oil, "working" on my tan, not a care in the world other than what time drill team practice was that afternoon.

Adventures in Australia

I love traveling---it has definitely become a passion.  I love planning our trips---researching where to go, getting input from friends around the world, and then putting our own little spin on the adventure.  My life is pretty simple in many ways---I just want to have fun with my family!  Australia made it very easy to do just that.  
We didn't do the Reef, we didn't do Sydney, we didn't do a lot of the "must do" things.  What we did was perfect for us, and I highly recommend our itinerary! 

The Other Side of the World

The Other Side of the World (Possible chapter 1 from my book)
by Lori Qian

The drive to Aurora had never taken so long.  The car seemed to have a mind of its own, perhaps wanting me to think things through before making any rash decisions.  I was done thinking, though.  I knew what I wanted.  Sort of.  I wanted to go to China, but I needed to talk to Dad first.

Adventures in Cambodia

Although our family has travelled to many places, I don’t remember the last time I blogged about our travels.  Yes, I post lots of pictures on facebook, but I’m usually too lazy to recall the details of our trips once we are back.  I just come back knowing we had some great family time and saw some cool new things.  However, our trip to Cambodia was different. 

We did so much and yet it never felt stressful, the kids never complained, and everything was just easy and magical and wonderful.  I learned about Cambodia.  I got to see a small glimpse of real life there, which gave me a lot to think about.  Of course, we were tourists and we did lots of tourist things, and enjoyed every minute of it!  A few of you have asked me about our itinerary and how we structured our time, so that’s what I’ll give you in this post. 

A Love Story's Beginning

I started writing a book about a million years ago. When I tried to get it published and it was not immediately swept up by a national publisher, I lost confidence and put it on the shelf.  That was eleven years ago. This is my attempt at dusting off the manuscript, and beginning to try to put my stories out there, even if they are in little bits, rather than the book I envision.  I'm not giving up on the book---it will happen someday.  Interestingly, I never feel nervous about a face book or blog post---I'm a pretty open person, but  I have butterflies in my stomach as I put this chapter out there.  Enjoy, and feel free to give me some feedback.  I  envision putting about 10 of these chapters together into a book someday, hopefully soon.

                                                                   Climbing the Tower

William and I have decided to climb a TV tower.  It’s something we’ve talked about doing for several weeks and for whatever reason, we have decided tonight is the night.  The tower sits at the top of a big hill, right down the road from our apartments.  Usually, people climb this hill for exercise but William pointed out that if you climb a little higher, there’s actually a tower at the very top.  He had been curious about it and thought it would be fun to climb sometime.  I told him I was game and as I now leave my apartment to meet him, I feel incredibly excited. 

Taking Readers & Writers Workshop to Public Schools in China

So,  this is what I did last week---introduced some of Panyu's best English teachers to the Columbia readers and writers workshop model as an approach to literacy instruction.  It was interesting, to say the least.  These are Chinese middle and high school English teachers, and 30 of them were chosen from over 12 school districts in the Panyu area to take part in a 3-week course taught by faculty from Brigham Young University.  I was lucky enough to be included as part of the faculty team for the course.

Guest Post by Annabelle Qian: Hawaii Highlights

Aloha! In Hawaii we saw some very big sea turtles! They were huge! Since sea turtles are endangered, many people came to see them.  There shells were a meter long! 

We also saw some beautiful scenery of the beach and other places.