Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer. You are Finally Here.

I've dropped off the planet with blogging, but I'm not completely giving it up.  Obviously :) It's the same old set of reasons having to do with "What is the point?" and "Am I blogging about anything real that actually matters?"  I have also been trying to cut back on my technology use (I'd never know it from my at least weekly facebook posts) and spend my time in ways that matter more to my family.  I've also, objectively, been just super busy.  But I'm always busy, aren't I?  I've been saying that for years.  Life is indeed busy, and I've had a lot of "must get done" items these past few months.  I found myself just looking forward to crossing things off my list, and progressing through the calendar toward the end of the school year.  And guess what?  I've actually made it!  There were times I didn't think June 8th would ever come.  But, it did, and now the much-anticipated "down time" begins.

Last year at this time, I was getting ready to head to Europe for my ESL training course.  Following that, I completed two online courses in the fall---intense ones, mind you.  I also started a new position teaching ESL, rather than Language Arts.  Oh, and I became a team leader for my grade level, and with that came a lot of responsibility. My job is a great one, but there is always a lot going on with work responsibilities.

I was also called to serve as the District Young Women's President for Shenzhen China International District for my Church.   With that came speaking assignments, planning activities and a youth conference which I attended in April.  I was also involved in community and PTA events.  I helped lead a team of teachers, and 88 students, to Yangshuo for their grade 8 China Trip.  There were some major health problems thrown in there for members of our family, and just a few other personal challenges (see:  here's an example of blogging but not really telling anyone what's truly going on in your life. Sigh.  Oh Well) .

Oh, and with three amazing kiddos, all with different needs, activities, homework plans, and personalities, and a husband with a very busy job and church calling...Life. Has. Been......I'm not going to say "busy" because that's just too cliche----Life has been beautiful and full of action!!!  I love my crazy, busy life, but the way to keep sane is knowing that there will be moments of respite---where I get to shut out everything and just enjoy the people I love the most.  There has not been much of an extended BREAK, but we are finally getting one, and for that I am VERY happy!!!

Is there a difference between "complaining" and "just saying"?  I hope so, because I'm really not full-on complaining---just saying:)  So, anyway, we're headed to the USA.  My sister's wedding.  Reuniting with wonderful friends.  Visiting family in Florida.  Beaches.  Movies.  Delicious Food. Sleeping.  Chilling. Playing. Relaxing. Breathing. Living:)))))))

Wishing you all a beautiful summer, whatever that entails for you.  Thanks for checking in with this Mormon Mom in China:)

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