Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Night in Guangzhou

I had the absolute best night. I got the chance to hang out with four of my very favorite people in the entire universe--my husband and our three kiddos! True, we "hang out" together every day and every night, but Family Night is different. We say "no thanks" to other invitations, we put everything else out of our minds, and we do something fun together, just the five of us.

Tonight, Family Night included a jog along the Pearl River, riding bikes along that same river, playing at a super-fun playground, and stopping off for a strawberry cream milkshake at Starbucks. The weather was perfect, none of the kids argued or complained about being tired, and we had an absolute blast together---laughing, talking, and just enjoying the evening. I love it when events simply fall into place for a great night.

Here's to Family Night in Guangzhou!!

Step 1:  Stretch Your Legs!


Step 2:  Run!!

Step 3:  Notice a lady carrying a ton of bikes

Step 4:  Rent 2 of those bikes for an hour and ride around!

Step 5:  Play at the Park!

Step 6:  Get a refreshing drink and chill for awhile!

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