Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This I Believe

So, my grade 8 students are starting a new unit entitled "This I Believe".  I got the idea from NPR.  Basically, I expose them to several of the essays submitted to the "TIB" program and as we go, we brainstorm, reflect, and journal about what we believe.  The unit ends with a formal essay where they explain some facet of their personal philsophy.  Just as it did last year when I taught this unit, it's got me thinking!

It is truly enjoyable to put this idea out there, and watch the blank stares turn into contemplative expressions.  That, in turn, becomes thoughtful writing and hopefully---passionate personal essays.  That's the goal anyway.  The best part about it, though, is it gives me time to think about my own beliefs.  What are they?  How did they come to be?  Why do I believe what I do, and how would I articulate that to someone else?

So, can I ask you, dear readers?  How did you come to believe what you believe?  Have your beliefs always been the same or have they ever changed ?  If so, in what way and to what degree?  What do you "hold to" when you're not sure about some aspect of life or a difficult situation?  I would love to hear from you about what you truly believe.  In my next post, I'll share what I wrote during this unit last year---and I'll add a few thoughts based on recent experiences.

In the meantime, please share:  What do you BELIEVE?

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