Sunday, June 16, 2013

Follow-Up to Good, Better, Best

As I mentioned in my last post, the topic of priorities, and deciding what is "good", what is "better" and what is "best" in my life has been a a recurring theme.  I mentioned in that post that I'd had more than one opportunity to speak in public about this concept and that it was really hitting home.  I told you I would report back on what I've learned, so here goes.

You have to really sit down and define, clearly, what is most important in your life.  You need to do this first, before scheduling anything or committing to anything.  If you don't, the good, better, and best get blended together and pretty soon you are just overly busy and you can't remember what the priorities are.  Or you do remember, but it seems impossible to restructure your life in order to give adequate attention to what matters most.

Once you decide your priorities---what is "best", then look at your activities and ask yourself if they fit the description.  For me, I have to ask myself these types of questions:

-Why am I doing this?  Does his help me?  Does it help my family learn or grow?

-Does this bring me peace or needless stress?  Am I doing it to please or impress someone else?

-Does it give me the chance to serve others, do something for someone besides myself?

-Is it consistent with my spiritual and personal beliefs?

-Will this activity have a lasting, positive impact?

Now, certainly not every girls night out or child's birthday party or silly movie has a lasting impact or a profound influence, so no, not every single thing needs to be "best"---but when we are considering what is worthy of our time and what isn't, it may help to at least think about these things.

The other thing that helps in the "good" "better" "best" decisions is to forgive people.  I know that sounds completely unrelated but let me tell you---the power of forgiveness is real and liberating and peaceful.  When someone offends us, we've got to try to let it go.  What I have learned is that holding on to bitterness---no matter how justified---is not a good use of our time or energy.  Get rid of that, and you'll have a lot more room for better things in your life!

Okay, I think that's about it.  Next time I come back to this topic, I will post the actual link to the talk I gave on this a few months back.  In the meantime, it's summer---a perfect time to reflect on what is most important in our lives---and to make a commitment to putting our energy there----on the things that matter most!

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