Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cloudy Days and Sunny Days

Okay, it has been cloudy and rainy here in Guangzhou for what feels like weeks on end.  How do people deal with this?  I don't remember past years being quite this grey.  It would rain, yes, but the sun would shine through once in awhile, giving us all a reprieve.  Not this year.  It's a bummer---not the end of the world, but a bummer for sure.  I am so looking forward to sunny weather.  Yes, in the midst of the grey, wet, dreary Guangzhou weather, if I squeeze my eyes tightly, I can still feel the warmth of the sun, if only in my imagination!

I remember my Dad used to say that the sun just warms our bones.  I love that expression!  It really does.  There's something about feeling the warmth on our skin, looking up into a bright sky, and truly basking in the sun.  I love it.   I've always liked the sun.  Yes, I was the teenager who would "lay out" in the backyard slathering on gobs of baby oil while I listened to tunes coming from my boombox:)  Those memories are right within reach.  All I have to do is think of the warmth of the sun, and I'm carefree and 16 again, just soaking up the sun.

Some of the best vacations my family has taken have been our beach vacations.  We loved Phuket, we completely enjoyed the beaches of  Boracay, and my kids still talk about going back to Spain and swimming in the sea.  This summer we've got Siesta Keys  on the horizon, all of us just really looking forward to the sun and all the fun that comes with it.

What's my point?  Nothing beyond articulating something I love---warm weather.  Beaches, sunshine, and warmth.  It's good to recognize the things we love.  Hey, I'm the first to say I love a "white Christmas" as well---I do.  What I don't like, and am not enjoying now, are weeks and weeks of cold, rainy, cloudy weather.

So, here's to the SUN.  May you come out soon!!!!

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