Friday, October 29, 2010

And Then There Is This SubCulture...

When I was in China the first time, about 10 years ago, most of the Mormon women I knew were "expat wives".  They were here for their husbands' jobs and they did not work.  Some of them---and I emphasize some---spent a lot of time shopping and doing other "expat wife" type things.  Although we were friends, I could not relate to their everyday lives.  Beyond having the same belief system,  our lives were completely different.

Now, in 2010, most of our branch is composed of working moms.  As far as I know, none of us works to make a statement or to puposely appear to be "different" in traditional Mormon culture.  Many of us work out of necessity.  Many have a career they just love.  Many of us enjoy the benefits we receive from our employers and feel those are good for our family.  And I'm sure the list of reasons goes on and on.  But certainly, the dynamics have changed. 

So, in relation to my last post, our little pocket of the world is a place where being Mormon, and being a Mom, and having a job can peacefully co-exist.  I am definitely not in the minority least not in that sense:)   BUT...this topic is a deep one because many of us feel we are defined by how we spend the most hours in our day. 

I was telling a friend, though, that for me, even though I do work outside the home, every hour of every day is about my family.  I work for them.  I live for them.  They are my life.  So, if we are defined by how we spend the hours in our day....I am a Mommy---through and through.  And a very happy one, at that.

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